Singles Event – Blind tasting and fine dining

Have you ever wondered about the exquisite texture and different layers of the food you partake? What is it that draws us to a delectable piece of rich, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake, that draws an involuntary moan of pleasure as soon as it hits your tongue? It is the sight of the cake, of course. But what if you were to eat it without your vision? That’s the kind of heightened sensory perception that our HatkeShaadi members experienced this past Saturday at our blind tasting event, designed to get them talking!


blind tasting singles event

She: “Arre, kucch to bolo!” (Say something at least!)

He: “Mmm…I’ve eaten this before.”

She: “That’s not enough for me to figure out!”

He: “Its very tasty! I remember this flavour as part of a dessert.But this isn’t a dessert, or is it?”

She: “Grrr!”

Chef (Wicked Smile) – This is better than Masterchef!


This hilarious conversation was overheard at our event for singles organized on Saturday. Doesn’t make sense? It was to be seen to be believed – the gentleman in this case was blindfolded and tasting an exquisite dish created by the chef, while trying to explain verbally the ingredients to the lady. The poor lady had the tough job of figuring it out based on these sketchy descriptions! That was just the beginning of fun, with loads to come over the rest of the evening.

The elegant rooftop poolside restaurant looked lovely in the twilight. The drizzle in the afternoon had left the ground wet enough to reflect the twinkling garden lights. The spotless table linen stood out in dazzling contrast to the setting darkness. And the air carried a hint of the pleasant winter to come. In essence, it was the perfect evening for an offbeat event.

Our efforts with the executive chef over the past couple of weeks paid off – his innovative creations were not from the menu, having been created especially for the evening. An explosion of distinct flavors; ingredients combined in a completely unexpected manner; resulting in dishes that were simply spectacular! We watched as our HatkeShaadi members’ eyes widened in surprise when the chef explained his creations – some oh-so-familiar flavors that were completely missed, and some exotic flavors that had never been tasted before.

Have you tried forking a piece of celery or mushroom pate when blindfolded? Forget that, have you at least tried picking up your fork and trying to find the food in your plate blindfolded? Well, our members did this and a whole lot more. They heightened their other senses when the sense of sight was taken away, making them savor every texture, every flavor and every morsel of food in a completely different light (pun unintended).

Oh, I almost forgot. All this, in addition to the exceptional 3-course meal topped off by the German Cheesecake and Crème Brulee. Yumm!

Our members were so deep in conversation by the end of the evening that the scheduled 3 hour evening stretched late into the night. There were stories from travel, experiences from different cultures, favourite books and movies – the conversation flowed effortlessly. That’s what happens when good food, lovely ambiance and like-minded people end up together on a Saturday evening :)

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