Close encounters of the wishful-thinking kind

Have you ever thought about the perfect way to meet a nice guy? Would you prefer a noisy club? Or a quiet encounter at a bookstore?


couple in a bookstore


You’re by yourself at a club, nursing a cocktail, while your more extroverted friend is gyrating to pulsing music on the strobe-lit dance floor. You’re looking wistfully at the exit, contemplating on how best to make it out to get some fresh air without your friend noticing. Seemingly out of thin air, a guy comes up and offers to buy you a drink.

Now, imagine yourself at a bookstore, instead of the club. You’re browsing through the novels displayed on the shelf, contemplating whether to put your money on an actual physical copy or an e-version for your kindle. Your quiet contemplation is interrupted by something, or rather someone, who edges into your line of sight. It’s a guy who is bee-lining towards you. He eases into your personal space and strikes up a conversation with you about the book you’re looking to open your purse for. That too, effortlessly, I might add. The cherry on top of the bizarre, but not unpleasant, encounter is that he offers to buy you the book.

Confident – he had the guts to walk up to a woman and talk, smart – he had significant opinions to offer on the book and has a habit of reading (which is a whole new level of sexy in my book, pun intended), handsome – well … this one is relative, and chivalrous – offered to buy you the book. A wholesome package if you ask me.

If only men did this in reality! It’s just wishful thinking on my part to expect something close to the latter happening in reality!

For a girl who likes to spend her Friday nights curled up on the couch with a good book for company and Dario Marianelli playing in the background, the latter scenario is much more appealing to meet a like-minded guy than the former. It definitely beats the awkwardness of finding yourself in an environment you can’t control – read club, the combination of blaring music and pulsing lights giving you a migraine, and to top it off, an offer to buy you a drink when you’re clearly still nursing one already. Meh! I’d rather go for the book-buying stranger than the slightly-inebriated stranger.

What would you do if you ever found yourself in either of these situations?

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Chaitra Ramalingegowda
I fell in love with storytelling long before I knew what it was. Love well written stories, writing with passion, baking lip-smacking-finger-licking chocolate cakes, engaging movies, and home-cooked food. A true work-in-progress and a believer in the idiom 'all those who wander are not lost'.
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