Which movie depicts your current relationship status best?

Not too long ago, we furnished you with upcoming Hollywood and Bollywood movies to watch out for in the not too distant future. This time around, it’s a slightly different take on the effect of movies in our lives.

Whatever be your relationship status on your social media profile – Single, In a relationship, Engaged, Married, Divorced, and the classic: “It’s complicated” – there’s a movie out there that depicts your current status. Although watching these movies might not help you out of any guy/girl problems that you may be facing, you’ll be able to relate to them nonetheless.

1. You’re in Love With a Friend: Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

jaane tu ya jaane naIt’s like missing the most obvious person who’s been there for you through thick and thin, but never been in your radar when it comes to a romantic relationship. But suddenly, this light bulb goes off in your head *FLASH* that the reason why all of your relationships tank is because you’ve been in love with your friend all along. Duh! This movie proves that sometimes the other person feels the same way too.

2. You’re With Your First Love: Maine Pyar Kiya

maine pyar kiyaHe’s rich, dreamy, and the veritable chocolate hero. She’s a friend of the family from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak. Put them together for a length of time, and love blossoms. Although falling for each other was relatively easy, winning that first love over is a road strewn with bumps at every turn for the lovely couple. This movie shows that every jostle through that bumpy road is worth it.

3. You’re Falling for the Bad Boy: Dil Chahta Hai

dil chahta haiThis iconic movie which came out at the start of the millennium was an instant hit among the youth. Apart from the funny, quirky and easy camaraderie between the three guy friends, the other aspect that stood out was the chemistry between Aamir Khan and Priety Zinta. Although he is the bad boy amongst the trio, we see a slow transformation as he falls in love with the lovely lady. Even though she’s engaged to another man, she can’t help but break it off and ride into the sunset with our bad-boy-turned-good hero. Awww!


4. You Have an Unrequited Love: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

hum dil de chuke sanamLovely and bubbly Nandini falls in love with the charming Italian-born Indian, Sameer, who has come to learn Classical Music from her father. Upon learning the truth, her father asks his student to make the ultimate contribution to his teacher – leave Nandini alone, in turn, sacrifice his love. Our unrequited albeit handsome hero returns to Italy heartbroken. Meanwhile, our heroine is married off to Vanraj, who is struck by love at first sight. But she doesn’t have eyes for anyone but Sameer. Through the meandering lanes of cobblestoned Italy, we learn that the noble Vanraj is trying to reunite the two lovers. This movie shows us that sometimes, unrequited love remains just that – unrequited.


5. You’re Trying Online Dating: You’ve Got Mail

you've got mailThis is one of the most celebrated romantic comedies of the 90s. And for good reason too. The movie shows that two people can fall in love even if they haven’t met in person. That connecting with another person is more important than other trivial considerations. That there are genuine people out there looking for love on the Internet, and it’s not always filled with creeps and jackasses. Even if that someone is trying to shut down your adorable little Shop Around the Corner, it’s worth it to find love. *SWOON*


6. You’re Dating Someone You Originally Disliked: Dil

dilShe’s rich, arrogant, and thinks the world jumps when she clicks her fingers. He’s rather poor, self-righteous and has a greedy miser for a father. Meet Madhu and Raja. They instantly hate each other, but the line between love and hate is very thin, and this movie goes on to prove that theory.


7. You Want to Get Back Together With Your Ex: Love Aaj Kal  

love aaj kalJai and Meera are a modern day couple who value their careers over flimsy things like a relationship. Each convinces themselves that they’ve moved on with different partners, but both stay in touch as friends. There is that moment when Jai and Meera both realize that what they have isn’t mere friendship, but something more. Finally, they reconcile the fact that they love each other, and get back together. But in the process, they left the people they were involved with, high and dry. Hey, nothing beats a HEA, even if you hurt a few people along the way, right?


8. You’re in a Relationship That’s Not Meant to Be: Dil Se

dil seHe’s a simple albeit handsome programme executive for the AIR. She’s a beautiful, mysterious woman who catches his eye at a deserted railway station in the pouring rain, who as we learn later, is a terrorist. BAM! What a shocker! The romance didn’t have a chance from the outset. Nonetheless, we get to see the amazing chemistry of the two protagonists, see them fall for each other, listen to them talk about their future kids and how they would look. All this while he doesn’t even know her real name! Talk about sinking the boat before taking it out to the water! Anyhoo, this movie shows us that even if it’s doomed from the beginning, some relationships are worth it.


9. You’re in a Failing Marriage: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

kabhi alvida naa kehnaDev is married to Rhea, and Maya is married to Rishi. Over time though, Dev feels inferior to his successful wife, and Maya feels that Rishi is selfish and doesn’t care for her. After many twists and turns, Dev and Maya end up having an affair, leaving their better, or rather bitter, halves to divorce them. This film shows two couples whose needs and desires are just too different to make it work, leading them to find succor in another person’s arms. Why this story had to take place in New York is anybody’s guess.


10. You’re Making it Work Despite Heavy Odds: Barfi

barfiHe’s a charming young man, who is a deaf-mute. She’s a beautiful young woman, who is autistic. Meet Barfi and Jhilmil. Although initially Barfi is quite smitten with the lovely Shruti, her family’s rude interference and the fact that she’s engaged to another man, Barfi is left high and dry. Through many a twist and turn, Barfi ends up taking care of Jhilmil, who is branded a lunatic by her own father. Come hell or high water, Barfi is the knight in shining armor for adorable Jhilmil. This movie goes on to prove that if there’s love, you can beat even the mightiest odds and come out on top.

Which are your favorite movies that best show your current relationship status? Tell us in the comments below!

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