Ever heard of a museum for…well…broken relationships?

It is said that love makes the world go round. Many poets, writers, philosophers, musicians have sung paeans of love and romance. It is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of mankind – why do we fall in love? Why do we get attracted to someone? And more importantly, why do we fall OUT of love? Scientists have taken a biochemistry approach to explain attraction. Poets have taken a completely emotional route to the answer. But one thing is for sure – it remains a mystery, and thankfully so.

Where there’s love, there’s heartbreak. Once a relationship is over, there are a million things that remind us of that person – a song you both loved, a book you both hated, a pair of lamps you bought together, a souvenir from a pleasant trip abroad, a program from a musical you went on your third date. We could go on and on.

What if we told you that you could drop off these tokens of love somewhere so that you wouldn’t be constantly reminded of that person? What if there was a museum filled with mementos and keepsakes from broken relationships?

Surprised? Well, we sure were!

There is an actual museum dedicated to these relics from failed and broken romantic relationships. Simply called the Museum of Broken Relationships, this innovative museum is in Zagreb, Croatia. Its exhibits include personal objects left over from former lovers, ex-spouses, ex-fiancés, along with brief descriptions. Although this unconventional “museum” began as a traveling collection of donated items, it has since found a permanent location in Zagreb.

museum of broken relationships

Interestingly, it was started by a former couple, Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic, who broke up after a four-year relationship. Although initially it was suggested as a joke by the former couple, three years later, they did found the museum with their left-over personal items serving as the first exhibits. Then they started asking their friends to donate keepsakes left behind from their break-ups, and the collection was born. Since then, people from all over the world have donated to its collection.

Here are a few … unique (for lack of a better word!) pieces of exhibit with accompanying messages – sometimes funny, sometimes cryptic and sometimes pain-addled – from the donor who sent in the exhibit:

1) A melodica – 2005-2006 | Zagreb, Croatia

“Such a shame … you’re so sweet.”


2) Handcuffs – 2005 | Zagreb, Croatia

“Atame … (Spanish for ‘tie me up’).”


3) An antique watch – 1987 | Zagreb, Croatia

“A gift from S.K. She loved antiquities – as long as things were old and didn’t work. That is precisely the reason why we’re not together anymore.”

antique watch

4) A mouse – briefly during 2000 | Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“He lacked courage, just like a mouse, so it couldn’t last!”

mouse relationship

5) A molecular animal – Ljubljana, Slovenia

“An animal constructed out of different objects (chemical puzzle) with eyes glued on and a piece of paper saying who gave me this present.”

a molecular animal

6) A wisp of hair – less than two months | Skopje, Macedonia

“Well … a relationship very short, but mentally so tough and ‘crazy’ that it brought me to a moment of complete madness … and I cut my hair and I lived without it for a long time and no one loved me … and I was happy.”

a wisp of hair

What do you think? Should we throw away artifacts from broken relationships or retain them for sentimental reasons? Tell us in the comments.

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