Till de(p)th do us part – World record underwater wedding!

hiroyuke sandra underwater

You read about a proposal video shot in 28 different countries and a couple who took a two-year long honeymoon recently. Since we don’t want you to miss out on the step in between, i.e., the wedding, we give you a world-record setting wedding ceremony to complete the list!

Many girls dream of their wedding day since they’re teenagers. Sometimes even before that. Where would the ceremony take place? What would the ring look like? What kind of silk saree/wedding dress/embroidered lehenga will she wear? How would the groom look in traditional attire? What would the wedding cake look like? What kind of flowers would be used – freesia, or peonies, or orchids, or tulips, or buttercups, or lisianthus?

Well, this couple didn’t have to think about all these at all. Because they tied the knot … wait for it … 130 meters underwater! Yep. You read it right.

Meet Hiroyuki Yoshida of Japan and Sandra Smith of USA, who set the new world record for the deepest underwater wedding. Hiroyuki and Sandra are diving instructors by profession. They first met about 6 years ago while working in Vietnam. Their passion for each other and diving is the glue holding them together.

Although many underwater weddings have happened till now, mainly in the depth range of 6 to 10 meters, this is the first of time it has been attempted at a depth of 130 meters. That deep underwater, the atmospheric pressure is 13 times as great as what we have on Earth. This unique wedding-dive happened in an underwater cave system in the southern part of Thailand. The couple admit that it required strict training – of about six hard months, and adherence to safety precautions to pull off this daring underwater wedding ceremony.

hiroyuke sandra underwater

Apart from the wetsuit clad bride and groom, the wedding party consisted of friend and fellow diving instructor Ben Reymenants acting as the ordained minister, Pekka Hartikainen as the best man, and Charles Hosner as the second witness and unofficial flowergirl! Of course, their joining in holy matrimony was witnessed by many curious and colorful spectators of the piscine family! Once Ben gave the go ahead, the couple threw their breathing apparatus upwards and locked lips, sealing their promise to each other to be there ‘till de(a)pth do us part’.

After about 190 minutes underwater, Hiroyuki and Sandra broke the surface of the lake as Mr and Mrs Yoshida as well as Guinness world record holders, and greeted by cheers of family, friends and locals.

hiroyuke sandra underwater

Here’s wishing the adventurous couple a happy married life!

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