The Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Matrimonial Sites

The concept of matrimonial sites is wildly popular now as more than half of the marriageable youth are using these sites as a tool to finding their partner for matrimony. However, even ten years back this was not the scenario as people used traditional means like marriage brokers, personal contacts, family recommendations, etc., to look for brides and grooms. If the concept of matrimonial sites excites you but you are unsure about their operations then the guide given below will help you master them to perfection.

Profile Creation

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The first step is obviously profile creation and this must preferably be done by you and not by a sibling or parent or a friend, as the case may be. Getting someone else to create your matrimonial profile automatically sends out the impression that you are not involved enough in the search for a marriage partner. Also the system of using an e-mailid for registration on the matrimonial site is becoming obsolete. Most people now prefer using their social networking profiles for registration like LinkedIn or Facebook as automatically a lot of information can be transferred onto the marriage profile. Also, this will make your profile look more interesting.

Visibility and Privacy of Profile

If you are using matrimonial sites for the first time then it is natural that you will feel a little apprehensive about the fact that your private information can be leaked outside. Some of you won’t even want the personal profile data to be visible to all members of the matrimony site. Well, the visibility of data to all or selective members depends upon the matrimonial website’s personal rules, and they are varying. So you need to check with the website service you are registering with to know the actual details. However, the fact remains that all sites block the data submitted by users from coming out on public searches. So you can rest assured that your data is not going to surface up in a random search engine return page.

Filling in Details for Profile

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Always remember that your prospective mate is going to judge you on the basis of what you have written on your profile. So make sure that you come across as interesting and sincere. It is common knowledge that many men and women use matrimonial sites as merely a dating tool. So writing things too casually may make you seem like one of them. It is best that you write a paragraph describing your value system, interests, your expectations, etc., and a brief description about you as a person.

Giving details about your educational background is a good idea as it will reveal your background and career potential. If you do not want to reveal the name of the enterprise you work for then you can always give the name as “one of the top 5 banks in India” or “one of the top IT service companies,” or something generic along those lines.

Interacting/chatting with Members

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The stage 3 of groom/bride hunting happens when you interact with prospective partners. Understandably, you will be anxious to make a good impression but you must remember to be wary about revealing financial details, very personal stuff, and real contact details before you really get to know the person. Once you have spoken/chatted with the person and verified his/her personal details too, then it would be easy for you to share more personal data.

How to get optimum results?

Firstly use a good profile photo which exposes your features properly and makes you look presentable as this increases your chances of success. You must know how to use the filter criteria smartly in order to get access to the kind of profiles you really want to look at. You can filter with age, educational background, values, family background, geography, lifestyle, and so on. This way, you can make sure that the kind of characters you had always wanted your life partner to possess must reflect in the search.

So what are you waiting for? Go get that profile started to get one step closer to finding your perfect match on a matrimonial site. Happy hunting!

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