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Why rebound relationships are not a good idea

07. Why rebounds are a bad idea

Many of us would have seen, if not experienced, someone getting into a rebound relationship. This is especially true after the loss of an intense relationship. But what is the fallout of a rebound? What does it reveal about ourselves? Read a post by our expert psychologist to know more.

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Gender Roles and Stereotypes in Romantic Relationships

gender stereotypes relationships

The internet is glutted with memes, jokes and 'GIF' images about the differences between men and women. Did you know this form of humor is but a subtle manifestation of gender stereotypes? Read on to see how gender roles and stereotypes can be dangerous to your romantic relationships and how you can choose to have a healthier, wholesome love-life!

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Relationships & Commitment – How ready are you?

relationship ready

The idea of getting into a relationship can seem like setting out on a journey of uncertainties. And oftentimes, it really is. However, asking yourself a few questions about what you are expecting from a relationship and what you are willing to give, can give you an idea about how ready you really are. Go ahead, surprise yourself!

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