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We are an organization that believes we can create a lasting positive impact on society - all it takes is a cultural revolution, one couple at a time.

If you want to wake up every morning with a desire to change the world,

if you want to head to work and not just because you have to,

if you want to be the perfect version of yourself through daily personal growth,

then HatkeShaadi is the place for you!

Give us a hoot at with the job code as subject line, along with why we should talk to you.

1. JD-CNSLR-2012 - Counselor

  • 1. Masters in Psychology, with knowledge of Sociology preferred
  • 2. Counseling experience and/or training
  • 3. In-depth knowledge about interpersonal attraction concepts
  • 4. 0-2 years experience

2. JD-DVLPR-2012 - Software Engineer

  • 1. BTech / BE / MCA
  • 2. PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter framework
  • 3. JavaScript, JQuery
  • 4. 1-3 years experience