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our story

Our Story

Why not accept that finding a life partner has become an exhausting, painful chore to be endured? Why not believe that one doesn’t find real people like you and me online anymore? Why not take the easy route and let anybody join our community?

For two years now, we’ve asked ourselves these very questions. Every single day. Why?

Because we believe that finding that special someone has to be a joyful, enchanting experience.

Because we believe that the journey of finding that loved one has to be as memorable as the life you lead with them.

Because we believe that it has to be magic. There is no other way.

We chose to build our own answers. By building a community of members who care about the means as much as the ends. By creating a team that takes pride in helping you live your fairy tales. Together creating MAGIC.

Indian Marriages

Marriages in India have always been grand, celebratory affairs bringing together not just the families but also the communities. But why should the process to get to the stage of marriage be so cumbersome? Why can’t it be fun and worth going through? Why should the start to something so beautiful be so frustrating? Even so-called ‘elite matrimony’ sites simply provide some profiles in your inbox – in fact, the same profiles that you would have seen and declined as a normal member earlier. We believe that the process of finding the perfect life partner has to be effortless, just like falling in love is. Our committed team does the work on your behalf, and gets the potential matches right to you!