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N**** | HS14mSYgmydL

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I am an intelligent (or so I'm told) `sweet' lady,[more...]
I am an intelligent (or so I'm told) `sweet' lady, with a `never say die' attitude, who lives with a young and hopeful state of mind. With `not-so-simple' tastes, but `simple at heart'. I am confident, articulate, intellectually driven, kind-hearted and compassionate, with my feet firmly planted on the ground when it comes to commitment to family. I am as optimistic as one can get, and always live on hope (well, I guess that's pretty evident as I've just turned 50, and i'm still hoping I'll find my soul-mate!). Now, that's something! What's important in a relationship? Trust, and sharing - dreams, the highs and lows of life. At 50, I find that life has just begun, and there are 'miles to go before I sleep'. I'm committed to my personal growth and evolution. Professionally, I am quite successful, I am currently working in a responsible position as a human resource specialist. Reading, traveling, painting, patronizing the performing arts and culture, are some of my more indulgent interests. I learnt music at a young age -- the piano and sitar, auditioned for a theatre production (but didn't get the part! -- so much for that attempt!) and harbored ambitions of being an anthropologist!
One interesting fact about me
I've got three left feet! I still love dancing [more...]
I've got three left feet! I still love dancing though :-)
The first thing people notice about me
My eyes. They speak! [more...]
My eyes. They speak!
What kind of partner do I like
I'm looking for someone who is not narrow minded a[more...]
I'm looking for someone who is not narrow minded and fussy about religion, who is young at heart, a die hard romantic, with an indelible sense of humour, articulate, charming, caring, but most importantly someone who is sparklingly intelligent and thought provoking. Someone who has an ability to constantly look at the lighter side of life. Someone who has the courage and character to surpass expectations set by society/family/oneself. Someone who would make my life and world a pleasure with each passing day. While looks are not unimportant, they are completely overshadowed by personality, character, and intelligence.
Looking for (age between)| (relationship)
46-55 | Single

First Name: N**** (visible when connected)
Last Name: S****** (visible when connected)
Age: 55
Gender: Female
Height: 5"0'
Current City: Bangalore
Current Employer Name: ********** (visible when connected)
Current Role: Human Resource Development Consultant
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Hindu
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Kannada, French
Native Language: Konkani

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