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M*** | HS15WpyRmkGy

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\"I am learner, traveler, explorer, seeker, Happy-[more...]

\"I am learner, traveler, explorer, seeker, Happy-go-lucky person, compassionate, likable, caring, a bit of a dreamer (am a typical piscean) a good listener, pragmatic, hard working, romantic. Careerwise, I am an accomplished individual with diverse interests and an appreciation for the finer things of life - nature, music, art, movies, concerts, plays, poetry and literature. I have lived and worked in Mumbai for 7 years, in NCR (National Capital Region - Noida and Gurgaon) for 7 years, 5 years in Pune and now am based out of Kolkata. I was working in an investment bank as Vice President, HR Operations till some years ago. I quit my job in 2012 and am now working as a freelance HR and Gender Diversity and Inclusion Consultant. Currently I am in Kolkata for a short term HR Consulting assignment until June 2015. I basically belong to Lucknow, schooled in one of the best public boarding schools in Nainital and MBA from Calcutta. Enjoy life, love to travel and explore new places, enjoy photography, love to cook global cuisine, enjoy reading a lot, love music, and I love watching movies. Travelling and Photography are my biggest passions. Would love a partner who shares my passion for travel

One interesting fact about me
I\'ve always thought of myself as a free bird, and[more...]

I\'ve always thought of myself as a free bird, and I even took to learning paragliding a few years ago to see what flying free as a bird is like!

The first thing people notice about me
People usually tell me they were attracted to my \[more...]

People usually tell me they were attracted to my \'being\', my aura, and radiance. They usually feel an energetic connection with me before they even talk to me.

What kind of partner do I like
My definition of relationship involves two people [more...]

My definition of relationship involves two people who have a common and merged vision, who communicate it openly and who take steps daily to strengthen and support that bond. My idea of a marital relationship is that one has to be soulmate, friend and confidante to each other. There has to be chemistry, at all levels- emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. A huge dose of love, fun, affection in word and action, co-creating wonder, thinking of the other person and what will delight them, shared responsibility for maintaining a household, flexibility, willingness to work through stuff when things get messy, taking time and space to breathe and respond, rather than react and attack, knowing that we have each others backs, open mindedness and openheartedness, creativity, play, spiritual practice, sexual nourishment, mutual support of each others dreams (even if they are not in lock step with each others), are on my desire list. I am looking for someone who can share my zest for life, someone who values similar things, has his own point of view but value\'s his partner\'s too. Someone who is gentle, kind, playful, respectful, loving, adjusting. Loves, cherishes, nurtures and adores me : ) Is considerate of other’s needs. Has a career he loves. Is connected to his higher purpose. We share a powerful chemistry and mutually shared visions of life. Earns a pretty decent living which allows both of us to spend money on luxuries. Likes to spend a lot of quality time with his spouse, and gives her a lot of space, freedom and independence. Is ready, willing and available for a long term, committed, monogamous marriage. Values a relationship where there is authenticity, integrity, loyalty, inspiration, trust and deep appreciation mutually. A bonus would be if we shared lots of common interests and hobbies. I am at a life stage where I may not want my own children (I may change my mind later though) and I want a partner who is OK with that.

Looking for (age between)| (relationship)
42-49 | Single

First Name: M*** (visible when connected)
Last Name: D**** (visible when connected)
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Height: 5"7'
Current City: Kolkata
Current Employer Name: ************* (visible when connected)
Current Role: ,HR Consultant
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Khattri
Languages Known:
Native Language:

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