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Karan, 27, Banker

"I've interacted with a few members online and in fact met one of them, exploring a serious relationship - looking to take the next step to marriage as things stand"

Arati, 27, Surgeon

"The introductions made were spot on in terms of compatibility and common ground. It was very easy to start off conversations"

Anne, 28, Technical Writer

"Had a really pleasant time at the mixer - great way to spend Sunday and meet interesting singles looking for commitment, outside my circle"

Varun, 28, HR

"Posting good content about my first love - cooking - got me a bunch of introductions by ladies who loved my passion. Talking to them now!"

Sheel, 29, Software Engineer

"Met a couple of the ladies that the counselor introduced me to, based on my preferences. It was nice to meet and get to know them before taking the next step"

Jenny, 28, Engineer

"Loved how the team put in the effort to make the mixer more engaging. Will definitely like to meet more and more members!"

Reshma, 30, Entrepreneur

"It was amazing to play with clay once again! Fun event!"

Bharath, 32, Technical Architect

"The online introductions made by the counselor were definitely helpful. Was able to connect with a few members at various levels"

Sowmya, 33, Family Business

"A memorable event - very relaxing and chilled out, making it fun to meet like-minded singles"

Jessu, 35, Writer

"Thanks for organizing a lovely evening yesterday. I had a wonderful time. Wish you all the best!"

Raakhi, 36, Manager

"Your counselors have been very kind, understanding and adjusting"

Leena, 37, Entrepreneur

"Had a wonderful time last night"

Jyotsna, 38, Family Business

"Nice of you to check whether I got home last night after the mixer"